PFG Provides Ride and Drive and Data Capture Programs for Barrett-Jackson and Ford

It has become a staple in the automotive industry, bringing lovers of 60s American hot rod muscle and connoiseurs of the finest European road going machines together to bid on some of the most sought after vehicles available.  We are, of course, referring to the Barrett-Jackson Auto Auction which started its 2014 season under the sunny, warm January skies of Phoenix, Arizona. 



The auction attracts people from all over the world; often as much as a reason to escape their own winter climes as to bid on one or more of the hundreds of pristine examples of rolling history and art.  

As we have been for the past 8 years, PFG Events was a major part of the Ford ride and drive consumer program that made the 2014 auction such a  notable attraction.

Our relationship with our clients at Barrett Jackson has grown over the years such that in addition to providing professional instructors and management staff for the drive portion of the events, we also offer data capture services for Ford Motor Company and Barrett Jackson itself.

Our proprietary software and custom designed computer terminals allow us to take in contact information, cleanse it and then provide immediate thank you emails with links to vendors for whom the contacts may have shown interest. Over the week-long January show, PFG took in a staggering 17,000 registrations for information and provided a mind-boggling 10, 000 ride and drive impressions – all without a single hiccup in operations.


For more information on how we pull off programs like this talk to Vice President of Detroit PFG Operations Al Hunt – or Vice President of PFG Randy Bleicher –