From onsite course development to video production / the PFG team does it all

At PFG, we are proud of our association with Ford Motor Company and our involvement with the Ford Driving Skills for Life safe teen driving program.  While our primary responsibility has traditionally been to handle the logistics, driving instructors, course builds and show production, we were recently tasked with a large video project.

Even though the attention grabbing behind-the-wheel training part of Driving Skills for Life program is what most people see, the Ford Fund has also updated their new for 2014 site.  And, the PFG team had a large role in the Academy section of the site.DSFL siteThe Academy was developed to help those teens that can’t get to the behind-the-wheel programs.  The way the Academy helps is to provide a series of informative videos on all things safe driving.

As subject matter experts, the PFG team was selected to write the scripts for the videos. We then, working with a professional video team, directed the videos and provided the on screen talent.  The result was a series of 22 informative and fun videos using instructors that work on the DSFL programs.  The videos include static shots, animation and even some in-car footage to get the points across.

It turns out that some of the people that have seen the videos also make it out the programs.  How do we know?  Teens actually come up to us and tell us they learned just from watching us speak to them and using terms and personalities that they could identify with.  Hearing that kind of positive feedback from a teenager is a great thing, and is just one more reason why we are proud of what we do!