DirectLink™- A paperless data acquisition system

One of the most important elements of a successful consumer event Directlink™program is the gathering of customer information. For years this has been accomplished by having the consumer fill out a Business Reply Card (BRC) at some time during the event.

These cards were collected and sent to a data processing source that would attempt to read the information and key stroke or scan the information into the system. This process of gathering and mailing, express delivery or hand carrying the BRC’s would take from 1 to 3 days before they were even looked at by the data processors. It has been very difficult to respond to consumers in an efficient and timely manner.

This system was not always as effective as it could have been in that a large percentage of the forms could not be read by the data input specialist. In fact, there are some accounts that say that an average of 40% to 50% of the BRC’s filled out never got into the system due to lack of information, wrong information or the simple fact of the forms being unreadable. The ones that did get into the system were always suspect because the data input specialists could not get correct spellings of names, streets and cities or there input was inaccurate.

The Pro Formance DirectLink™ System takes care of all of these issues while incorporating additional features to make the tracking and communication with your potential customers a seamless and efficient process. The following are the specifications and features of the DirectLink™ System that set it apart from the manual way of completing this task as well as other, so called, electronic systems.

The following are some of the key features of the DirectLink™ System:

  • The system is completely paperless. There is absolutely no need to print, ship, handle or process huge numbers of BRC’s. All we require is a source code for the program and we take it from there.
  • The system is 95% accurate. This is due to the fact that we use Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology to scan the consumers drivers license. That information is verified by the consumer, on-screen, before it is saved in the system.Directlink™
  • The consumer data is downloaded to our server as often as we choose. This is done automatically at a pre-determined time or interval.
  • Once in our system an email is generated (to those consumers that have provided an email address) immediately and sent to the consumer thanking them for participating in a specific event. This immediate recognition goes a long way to show the consumer that you care about them and want their business. This email will get to the consumer within 24 hours of entering their information.
  • At the same time the email is being generated we are preparing the information for download to Customer Relationship Management (CRM). We will download to CRM at your direction but we recommend once a day. This will be specific to each program. There is no need for CRM personnel to spend time processing information as it will be delivered in the format that is required.
  • Utilizing Bar Code Scanners and Wireless Technology we can track a consumer through multiple elements of each event.Our equipment is compact yet robust enough to handle the rigors of being utilized at a number of different events with a variety of indoor/outdoor conditions. All of our equipment is weather resistant but can be upgraded to weather proof if the program requires this need.Directlink™
  • For the automotive industry applications, the system has the capability to get signed electronic waivers for Ride and Drive events. Again, no more hassles with reams of paperwork that has to be handled and stored.
  • Our system has the flexibility to get specific information from consumers in the exit survey. Each event can have its own set of specific survey questions. This information can be presented in a number of formats including digital or printed reports.
  • Each system has the ability to be used as a registration or exit system as our individual needs are determined at each event. Registration stations can be easily converted during the late hours of a program to accommodate a higher volume of participants that are exiting at the end of an event.
  • The DirectLink™ System is also available in handheld and tablet formats including Bar Code Readers and OCR Scanners. This functionality allows us the opportunity to electronically tie consumers to specific products, event participation, or in the case of Ride and Drives, vehicle driven.