Data Acquistion

The final piece of an event marketing program, whether in the automotive industry, or any other promotional event, is providing a high tech solution to gathering information about your customers at the event.  After all, a lot of money is being spent to put your product in front of the customer.  It’s important to know who they are, and what they think.

  • Call 480-389-1149 to contact a Pro Formance professional today for more information on PFG’s exciting new DirectLink™ data acquisition systems. PFG’s new DirectLink™ data acquisition system is a paperless, accurate, hassle-free system that allows you to retrieve, store and communicate consumer information in a timely and efficient manner.
  • Custom programming provides us with the ability to gather almost any kind of information that our customers might need such as contact information, buying horizons, demographics, and survey results, to name a few.
  • The system is 95% accurate, and replaces the old BRC (Business Reply Card), where a large percentage of leads are unreadable, and thus become worthless.
  • The DirectLink™ System is available in kiosk, handheld and tablet formats including Bar Code Readers and OCR Scanners. It can also be integrated into other custom display properties as required. This functionality allows us the opportunity to electronically tie consumers to specific products, event participation, or in the case of Ride and Drives, vehicle driven.

Click here for a detailed description of PFG’s DirectLink™ System.