What We Do

The goal of every program PFG designs and executes is to present our client’s products in their best possible light; to the right audience; at the right venues; in an exciting and memorable manner; as cost effectively as possible; and where the results are measurable. Specifically we strive to:What We Do

  • Bring passion to the development of a program and passionate people to execute it.
  • Demonstrate to our clients that we have a clear understanding of the requirements of their program, and the resources to get the job done.
  • Design a turn-key marketing solution for our client’s experiential event complete with a variety of event recommendations that will assure that the program goals are met, that the participants’ experience is fun and memorable, and that the product and experience is indelibly etched in the customers psyche.
  • Establish a team of professionals who are well qualified and experienced to carry out the operational goals of the event, and represent our clients in an exemplary manner.
  • Present a compelling, cost-effective execution plan capable of bringing great value to the overall program, and a strong return on investment for our clients.


All of the preceding goals and objectives apply, in one way or the other, to PFG’s primary operating units: