The Pro Formance Team

Drew DeGrassi –¬†President and CEO 2002-2018

A great leader and friend, Drew still helps guide the company everyday. Through his foresight and planning the Pro Formance Group continues to grow and thrive.

Drew DeGrassi

Drew DeGrassi

Randy Bleicher – President and CEO

Randy joined the PFG team in 2003 and is the source of our largest client to date, as he developed the Ford Driving Skills for Life program. Prior to coming to PFG, Randy cut his teeth in the automotive business arena working at the famed Bob Bondurant School of High Performance Driving, and served as their chief instructor for many years.

Moving up in the company, Randy was eventually promoted to Manager of Special Operations, where he focused on designing and implementing consume ride and drive programs for a variety of manufacturers. His experience at Bondurant in this capacity would serve him well in the years to follow with PFG.

In addition to his practical work experience in the automotive industry, Randy has also amassed several decades of experience in education with much of that time in adult learning.

Randy became President and CEO of Pro Formance in 2018, and is confidently leading the team with his business knowledge and experience in the event management field.

Direct Line 480.389.1149 – Email:

Randy Bleicher

Randy Bleicher

Al Hunt – Vice President Detroit Operations

Before joining the Pro Formance Group in 2006 and immediately securing the highly successful nationwide Ford truck evaluation tour called Bold Endures, Al had spent almost 30 years working for automotive companies Ross Roy, Inc, Sandy Corp., and Gail and Rice.

His experience as a technical writer, product specialist, location scout and team manager taught him to navigate the sometimes difficult waters of the automotive ride and drive circuit.

Al’s PFG office in Detroit is invaluable to the growth of the company. Al was instrumental in earning the Barrett Jackson Auto Auction Ford ride and drive business, which has been going strong since 2010. He is also the creative and driving force behind the development and evolution of PFG’s data capture system.

Many of us at PFG seek out Al for his sage, experienced-based advice on matters automotive.

Cell Phone 586.709.5794 – Email:

Al Hunt

Al Hunt

Kim Coe – Controller

Kim comes to the PFG team with over 30 years of experience in accounting and management. Prior to becoming a Pro Formance consultant in 2014, Kim had worked closely with Drew Degrassi as they were both working at Firebird Raceway in Chandler, Arizona, only a few miles from the current PFG offices.

After her time at Firebird, Kim decided to leave the automotive industry and opened her own accounting business. She successfully ran Dynamic Accounting Solutions for 12 years, and her clients ranged from non-profits to commercial builders and included Pro Formance Group, Inc.

Kim took a full time position with PFG in early 2018. As controller she is responsible for managing financial statements,budgeting, event accounting, payroll, human resources accounts payable and accounts receivable.



Kim Coe

Dave Drimmie – Vice President Canadian Operations

Toronto, Ontario based Dave Drimmie joined Pro Formance in 2013. Dave was brought on board to launch the Ford Driving Skills for Life program in Canada, and his 15-plus years of executive level experience in the automotive arena served him well in that endeavour. The Ford DSFL program north of the border has grown substantially since he assumed a management role of the operation.

Before joining the PFG team, Dave was Vice-President of Marketing and Communications and Senior Advisor for the Pirelli World Challenge, a professional auto racing series in North America. He was also the Editorial Director for Modified Magazine, a monthly periodical which included reviews and technical articles on a wide range of vehicles in the aftermarket parts and design segment of the industry.

Cell Phone 416 835-6601 – Email:


Tresco Boutard – Program Manager / Road Producer

After several years as a lead mechanic at the Bondurant School in Chandler, Arizona, Tresco accepted a road producer position with with the PFG in 2011. Although Tresco certainly “paid his dues” by driving the support van for shows all over the United States, it quickly became apparent that he is a person of diverse talents. His skill as a designer and fabricator and his exceptional work ethic has helped PFG to become more efficient, and as a consequence our clients benefit from a more professional presentation on the road.

Tresco’s main duties include on-the-road management of Ford Driving Skills for Life teen driver education program, as well as management of the Barrett Jackson ride and drive instructor team and producing the Ford ride and drive program at the annual Las Vegas autoshow. When not on the road, Tresco leads the charge in preparation for the road programs and handles all design and fabrication work at the PFG corporate headquarters.

If and when problems arise on programs, Tresco’s uncommon level of common sense makes him the go-to person for setting the situation right.

Cell 480.229.9333 РEmail:

Tresco Boutard

Tresco Boutard

Jennifer Saucier – Office Manager

Jennifer started with Pro Formance in the summer of 2018 as the company’s office manager. Jennifer brings a wealth of experience to the team and has worked in a wide range of industries while boasting over 2 decades of experience in marketing. In her decade-long capacity as an executive assistant, Jennifer was tasked with organizing and leading corporate training as well as safety and marketing programs. Jennifer’s scope of responsibility included handling travel and staffing details for various company events.

Jennifer has proven herself to be a valued part of the team, and Pro Formance will continue to count on her to keep the on-the-road programs running smoothly and efficiently.

phone 480.389.1149 – Email:

Jennifer Saucier

Mike Speck – Support

Mike approached PFG for work in 2010 and was hired for general support on the various road programs that the company manages each year. Mike’s background is that of a journeyman instructor/driver coach, and he is sometimes used to help augment the PFG instructional staff.

Extended Staff

The PFG “Team” is comprised of much more than the above “full-time” staff. The team includes a wide range of strategic partners who PFG has developed strong working relationships with over the past 18 years. PFG’s business model of a lean internal staff, supplemented by “best in the business” strategic partners, translates into substantial savings for our clients.

  • Graphic Artists
  • Program/Event Managers
  • Professional Drivers
  • Professional Driver Instructors
  • Trained Product Specialists/Presenters
  • Trained Registration Specialists
  • Video Producers
  • Print Producers
  • Data Entry Specialists
  • Transport Companies for Vehicles and Freight
  • Truck Drivers
  • Event Support Staff
  • Car Prep Specialists
  • Automotive Engineering Specialists
  • Vehicle Acquisition Companies
  • Site Logistics Companies